Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is intelligent redistribution of existing hair. How severe the baldness may be one will not lose hair at the back of the head (The donor or permanent area)......more


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Hair Transplantation

The Science Behind

Hair transplantation is intelligent redistribution of existing hair. How severe the baldness may be one will not lose hair at the back of the head (The donor or permanent area).

The reason why hair here is not lost is because their roots do not have a particular receptor which makes them sensitive to male hormones. In persons who are prone to baldness these receptors are present in the frontal, mid-scalp and vertex regions there by making them sensitive to male hormones and there by possibility of losing such hair.

99% of male pattern baldness (MPB) is related to genes. MPB in relations like father, grandfather, maternal uncle and brothers may give us an indication how a person’s natural history of baldness proceeds.

Recipient area is the area where on the scalp transplantation is done. Hair from the permanent area is harvested and transferred to the recipient area.


You will be coming to consult the doctor as the first step and Dr. B. S. Reddy will examine you. He will assess you for suitability for Hair Transplantation (HT) and explain you the procedure.

Your date of surgery is booked, for which you will be required to pay advance.

One day prior to surgery, at the back of the head your hair will be trimmed to 0.5 cm length (donor area). Photographs would be taken with your consent. They will be useful to compare before and after the procedure.

You will be asked to sign a consent form.

On Day Of Surgery

You will be asked to report at the centre at 7.30 am. An IV line will be inserted in your vein.

You will be taken to the operation theatre. You will be asked to lie down on your stomach (prone). Donor area (back of the head) will be anaesthetised with Lignocaine solution. You will be fully conscious during the entire procedure and you will not feel any pain except while injecting local anaesthesia. Donor harvest will take about an hour’s time. After this you will be resting for an hour during which we will be dissecting the donor strip into individual follicular units (tiny grafts), by using powerful microscopes and fine instruments. You will be recalled into operation theatre and the area of the scalp which would be for transplantation is again anaesthetised. By using fine needles tiny holes are made in the required areas and the grafts are placed in the holes. This procedure of implantation may take four hours’ time.

At the end of the procedure your head will be bandaged. Usually it will be 5 pm when you leave the centre. You will be prescribed antibiotics pain killers and swelling reducing agents.

You have to come for dressing after 2 to 3 days after which it is kept open. You will be again required to come after 8 to 10 days for stitch removal.

After stich removal you will be prescribed Minoxidil for application for use for about 8 months.


You can post your front, sides and back of the head photos to my mail address –

  • Once you are decided to be suitable for hair transplantation, to fix up the date, you will be required to transfer advance money to doctor’s bank account.
  • On day of surgery you should report at the centre at 7.30 am. One attendant for you is required.
  • In case you cannot come back after surgery, absorbable stitches will be put do not to be removed.
  • Usually review is required at the end of six months but one can be in touch through e- mail with photographs.

Natural History Of Hair Growth After HT

The transplanted hair will shed in 3 to 4 weeks’ time although the growing roots will be viable and stay inside. That means only the exiting shaft of hair falls.

30%of the transplanted hair starts growing by four months. Another 30% by 5th and another 20% by 6th month and the remaining in about 8 months. For the hair to grow half centimetre length it takes about one month. Hence to fully appreciate the growth it will be about 8 months.


  • Do not disturb the dressing.
  • Keep the head end elevated with pillows to reduce swelling.
  • Apply ice packs to fore head to reduce swelling.
  • Have somebody to drive you back home. You cannot drive after the procedure.
  • Mind your head when you are going into or out of the vehicle.
  • Do not wear banyans or t-shirts which while taking out might disturb the grafts.
  • Do not scratch the recipient (transplanted) area.
  • Can massage the scalp over recipient area only after 3 weeks.
  • Can wash the donor (back of the head from third day.
  • Can use low pressure hand shower over the recipient area after 7 days.

Hair Transplantation For Male Pattern Baldness

Section will be update soon...

Female Pattern Baldness

It usually starts as increase in the width of parting of hair and gradually progresses. Usually the front line is maintained and the baldness progresses in the vertex and crown areas.

It could be due to hormonal changes or genetic in nature. If there is no correctable cause then hair transplantation is the answer.

Eye Brow Transplantation

Although many patients with alopecic scars and burns are candidates for eye brow transplant persons needing improvement for thinned eye brows are also candidates for hair transplantation.

Moustache Hair Transplantation

Although many patients with alopecic scars and burns are candidates for moustache transplant persons needing improvement for thinned moustaches are also candidates for hair transplantation

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