Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is intelligent redistribution of existing hair. How severe the baldness may be one will not lose hair at the back of the head (The donor or permanent area)......more


I am grateful to Dr. Sugunakar Reddy for helping me take a good decision of hair..

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Dr. B Sugunakar Reddy, A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad did a hair transplant on me in..

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Breast Augementation

Who are the candidates?

  • Persons who desire increase in breast size like unmarried or married women.
  • Those who finished child bearing and were happy with the increased size at the time of lactation.
  • Those with asymmetry of breasts.

1.How is it done? It is done by placing the implant by an incision below the breast (inframammary approach) Or around the areola of nipple (periareolar approach) or an incision in the axilla (trans axillary approach).

2.Where is the implant placed? It is placed behind the breast (subglandular) or behind the muscle (submuscular).

3. Why so many variations? The approach best to an individual patient varies on the merits of the case and you can discuss with the surgeon the pros and cons for the decision.

4. Do I have to stay in the hospital? Usually it is a day care surgery although sometimes you may have to stay in the hospital for a day.

5. When will I get the result? You will see the result immediately after surgery.

Breast Implants

Breast implants can be silicon gel filled or saline filled implants. They vary in shape and size. There is no evidence to prove its relationship to cancer.On discussion with surgeon one can choose the size, shape and type which suits them.

Breast Reduction

1. Who are the candidates?

  • People with very much increased size.
  • Sagging, enlarged nipple and areola complex.
  • Difficulty in choosing the size of garments(huge breasts as opposed to rest of the body)
  • Back pain because of size

2. How is it done? It is done by removing excess breast tissue at the same time reshaping attractively, lifting and tightening the breasts.

3. Do I need to get admitted to hospital? Yes, you need to for a day or two.

4. Will I have any scars? Incision lines are in the concealed areas like inframammary creases and around the nipple. These scars will soften in course of time.

Breast Lift

  • The usual candidate would have finished child bearing and lactation and desires the attractive shape she was having at younger age.
  • In a sagging breast there is excess of skin as compared to gland of breast.
  • Surgeon removes the excess skin, lifts and tightens the breast. In some patients in addition to the above mentioned procedure one may need an implant to increase the size of breast.


Otherwise called male breast enlargement. In most of the cases it can be corrected by a day care surgery.

1. How is Done? It is done by a special technique of peripheral liposuction and gland excision by a tiny incision so that there is a very minimal tell tale sign of surgery.

2. Does it come again? In the vast majority of patients the cure is permanent.

3. What is the cause of enlargement? In all males there is some enlargement of breasts at the time of puberty and it does subside in natural course. It some times persists and enlarges when it is called gynaecomastia probably due to hormonal imbalance.

You may be advised to undergo certain tests depending on clinical examination to rule out some diseases causing gynaecomastia, although in 90% of cases tests will be normal.

4. Precautions? You will need to wear pressure garments for a week and limited physical activity for 3 days.

Body Procedures


Liposuction means removal of excess body fat from subcutaneous region (below the skin) to reshape the body. It is not intended for reducing the body weight although about 5kgs can be reduced with each sitting. Patients with normal weight or slightly excess weight and who intend body reshaping and with good elastic skin are the best candidates for liposuction, who get the best results. Persons who cant get rid of some fat deposits inspite of dieting and exercise are also ideal candidates for this procedure.

Patients with more weight can also benefit from liposuction if they have realistic expectations.In these persons additional procedures like Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) may be required.


A solution called tumescent solution is injected into the required area which will facilitate to make the area turgid and reduce blood loss to bare minimum and to facilitate easy passage of lipo cannulas. After the required amount of fat is removed with the help of powerful suction machines and cannulas a pressure garment is applied either immediately or after 24 to 48 hours.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Excess loose abdominal skin is removed and the abdominal muscles (recti and obliques) are tightened (plication) and umbilicus(naval) is moved higher to a new position.

Usually it needs 3 to 4 days of hospital admission. Liposuction is performed simultaneously for the upper abdomen and also love handles flanks and back if necessary. One needs to wear pressure garments after operation for about 3 weeks.

Body Lift

Body lift is a procedure which is done after massive weight loss following bariatric surgery resulting in loose skin which sags and gives an old look. Here excess skin is removed to get the body back into shape.


Warts And Moles

They are done cosmetically to leave minimal scarring.

Scar Revision

Scars are improved by different techniques as z plasty, w plasty, Tissue expansion surgery and scar revision surgery. Sometimes scars in hair bearing areas can be improved by hair transplantation to that area.

Acne Sacrs

These are generally pitted scars and they can be improved by dermabrasion if the disease is quiescent.

Laser Hair Removal

The centre has a highly advanced long pulsed ND YAG cutera machine which is gold standard for hair removal. Unwanted hair from any part of the body can be removed. It works by the fact that melanin in hair which is black absorbs the laser energy and gets heated and thereby the hair is destroyed. To prevent incidental damage to skin various skin cooling methods are practiced. Because hair in anagen stage is only destroyed it needs different sittings.(usually monthly once but actually when the hair grows back). Patient should not undergo threading before or after. Only shaving is permitted.

Usual areas which patients desire are upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck, arm pits, around nipples, arms, legs, thighs, chest and abdomen.

Reconstructive Surgery

Under construction....

Face ( Non-surgical )


1. How does it work?
It is a neuro modulator and which relaxes the facial muscles.

2. How long does it work?
Usually it works for 4 to 5 months.

3. Does botox work on all kinds of wrinkles?

It works on dynamic wrinkles produced by facial expression like frown lines, forehead lines, laugh lines and crows feet. Established lines without facial expression are best treated by fillers.

4. Can it be repeated?
It can be injected safely and repeatedly.


1. How do fillers make me look younger?
If you have static creases which are present even without any expression then you are a candidate for filler injection. Like wrinkles on forehead, lips and cheeks, depressed scars, Nasolabial folds they can be smoothened out with fillers.
2. It is an office procedure without any down time. Immediate result is expected although it lasts for about 5-6 months.


It blasts silica particles on to skin to abrade the skin and at the same time uses suction to remove the particles and dead epithelial cells of skin resulting in rejuvenated skin. Procedure does not have down time but produces only mild change.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

The radiofrequency machine induces collagen fibres under the skin to contract and there by producing skin tightening.

Usually 4-5 sittings are required to produce desired result approximately once a week or shorter.

Skin Tightening

The radiofrequency machine induces collagen fibres under the skin to contract and there by producing skin tightening.

Usually 4-5 sittings are required to produce desired result approximately once a week or shorter.

Double Chin

Radiofrequency machine in a different setting absorbs the localised fat like double chin and tightening the skin simultaneously.

Fat Filling Of Cheeks

To make the cheeks youthful one can choose this procedure. Fat is harvested from areas like flanks or hips with syringes(hence no scarring) and injected into the required areas after processing the fat.

The transplanted fat gains blood supply from the local area and survives to give youthful appearance. As fat has stem cells it also rejuvenates the skin.

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