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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is intelligent redistribution of existing hair. How severe the baldness may be one will not lose hair at the back of the head (The donor or permanent area)......more


I am grateful to Dr. Sugunakar Reddy for helping me take a good decision of hair..

- Mr Sunil, Software consultant, New Jersey, U.S.A

Dr. B Sugunakar Reddy, A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad did a hair transplant on me in..

-Madhu Vanga, MBA, Rph California

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I had the hair transplantation treatment done under Dr. Sugunakar reddy.

Before the surgery -

I was in a dilemma to get the hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Sugunakar Reddy helped me a lot in making a decision by sharing the positives and negatives of hair transplant. He also shared the research material and gave a frank opinion of how much the hair transplantation could help me in covering my scalp with hair.

During the surgery-

Dr Sugunakar Reddy was very careful while drafting the hair. He took at most care, so that I feel the least pain and also get good results. He was regularly asking me, during the surgery, how I was feeling and if I was comfortable. Throughout the surgery, he was explaining the process that was implemented to draft the hair, which made me highly comfortable.

Post Surgery-

Dr Sugunakar Reddy followed up even after the surgery at regular intervals, about the progress of my hair and provided guidance accordingly. During the recovery process, he was readily available to answer all my questions and concerns. I saw great improvement in my hair growth and am happy with the results. Most of my friends were impressed with the results and have asked me for doctor's reference and would be under going the hair transplantation surgery soon.

I am grateful to Dr. Sugunakar Reddy for helping me take a good decision of hair transplantation, by giving genuine advice and also making it a easy ride for me throughout the process from start to end. It definitely created a lot of confidence in me.

- Mr Sunil, Software consultant, New Jersey, U.S.A

I am working in Middle East for the past 12 years as an Anaesthesiologist.

It was a long dream to have my hair back since I lost hair over my scalp in the previous several years. Once I made decision to undergo I did a lot of research and was fortunate to find DR.B.SUGUNAKAR REDDY.

I am working in Kuwait and wanted it in my routine holiday to INDIA. He was kind enough to accommodate me in spite of his busy schedule.

The surgery was totally painless (I know as an anaesthetist how important it is for the patient to be pain free) I underwent by strip method and the scar is nearly invisible.

Hair growth started after 3 and half months and at the end of 8 months it was really amazing I could not believe it and I no longer look bald.

I have no hesitation in recommending DR.B.SUGUNAKAR REDDY at Hyderabad for Hair transplant surgery for anyone who wishes to undergo this procedure.

- Dr.P.V.Rao, 00965 5591 7509, raopvrao@yahoo.com. Kuwait.

Dr. B Sugunakar Reddy, A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad did a hair transplant on me in Aug 2013, implanted close to 1800 grafts in one sitting using FUT (strip) method. The results were extremely pleasing, he knows what he is doing, clearly told me upfront, that he would need check the laxity of my head skin, prior to promising how many grafts can be implanted. He said, if he takes more skin than permitted, the wound wouldn't be closed properly leaving a huge scar. The hair looked very natural, and no one could tell that I got a HT, the scar is invisible.

I work in USA, initially sent him the pictures head , front, back, top and sides, then went to India. I got blood work (surgical profile) done in the morning in an outside lab, went to him the next day morning for surgery. The Surgery started around 7 am and was completed by 3 pm, he made sure there was no pain during the surgeory, his post- operative care is exemplary, replies for emails even now after more than a year. He has lots of patience, a very skilled surgeon. The HT surgeon needs skilled hands, great co-ordination of mind and hands, should have good imagination. They need to blend the science, and art to have the desired results, I found Dr.BSR has all of it, and more over, he is very humble, calm and collective person. I have no qualms recommending him to have a Hair transplant for any one. Great Job, Dr.BSR, Keep it up!

-Madhu Vanga, MBA, Rph California
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